Mobile Optimised Images made for a Hero

Shopping online is commonplace in today’s digital world and using our mobile and tablet devices to do so is the most easily accessible way – it’s faster than The Flash whizzing around a supermarket! However, the antagonist to these proceedings is that a pack design that works well on the supermarket shelves doesn’t necessarily translate well when viewed on a mobile device, especially when the screen is of limited size.

Key callouts such as product variant/flavour and quantity are sometimes either hardly legible or not displayed at all which can make the whole process of purchasing online frustrating from a customer journey perspective. Furthermore, the retailers are then open to copious amounts of product returns due to incorrect purchasers.

We have been collaborating with Nielsen Brandbank to come to the aid of online consumers and help to rectify these issues. Using our extensive knowledge and background in food packaging, we have harnessed our superpowers of optimisation to emphasise key callouts whilst still maintaining the integrity of the brand. The end result works on many levels, for the consumer a mobile optimised hero image offers far greater legibility, whilst for the retailer it helps to decrease the amount of product returns.

Our rapidly increasing portfolio of mobile optimised hero images includes some of the biggest brands in the grocery market, ranging from Cadbury and Bisto to Corona and that’s to name-drop just a few.

To find out more about our mobile optimised image service just the follow the link here and if you need a hero when it comes to your own mobile optimised mages, just drop us a line…

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