Filtering a brand across the world

For many, drinking water is taken for granted, it is easily accessible and there are no worries about deadly contaminants. However, in some parts of the world this just isn’t the case. China, for instance, has a high level of water pollution, making it undrinkable.

KLT Filtration, world leaders in ceramic pressure casting technology, tasked us to turn their product packaging from B2B to B2C, with the intent to break into the Chinese consumer market. They wanted a brand and logo for their ceramic water filters that not only offered a safeguarding solution to China’s drinking water, but also had an underlying sense of Britishness about it because as we all know, British products are renowned for their quality.

We were heavily inspired during the creative process by the Queen’s Guards, a British staple and even went as far as to call the product ‘Coldstream’, a name synonymous with the British Army. A feature of the logo was transforming the ‘A’ in Coldstream into an image depicting the guards, bearskin hat and all. The end result was one of our most on-brief and patriotic branding to date.

The branding followed orders, hit all the right marks and we have received ‘stand to attention’ responses. So if you are looking to add quality and a Britishness to your packaging, want to march to a different tune or would like help to stream your brand into international markets, don’t get caught off guard, just drop us a line…

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