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A company rebrand, much like day turning to night, is inevitable for continued growth and success. However, it is not as simple as waking up one day and deciding that a change of colour, adding an additional stroke to a logo or rewording a company ethos will create the desired impact. There are many design factors, marketing trends and consumer perceptions that need to be considered.

But there is no need to fret as the advantages to a successful rebrand far outweigh any initial hesitation you may have. A change in brand can add a breath of fresh air, enabling your company to take the competitive edge and also prevent the loss of market share.

As a market leader in branding and packaging design, we are often trusted and always enthused when a client, new or existing, seeks a rebrand. And that’s exactly what happened during the summer of 2014…

Our client, insurance specialists ISIS, tasked us with modernising their existing brand and logo. As a well-established name in the realm of legal indemnities, ISIS felt their current branding needed a refresh to reflect their growth, development and to maintain their dominance within the market.

Sound the TOP TIP klaxon… Redesigning your company logo starts with reflecting on where it stands now and where you see it standing in the future. An essential starting point is to have a look at your current logo to see how it holds up against the current market atmosphere. Invest some time analysing it from an in-house perspective and from the customers point of view. It is also important to put it up against the brands of your competitors to see how it compares. You don’t even need to make full-blown drastic changes. If your logo is modern but doesn’t reflect the visual image of what your customers want, then a simple tweak such as a colour, may be all that is required.

We found a timely and cracking example of how an existing, well-established company handled a logo and packaging rebrand in the following piece from the always informative Design Week: Jacob’s launches new logo.

The ISIS logo change was driven by a desire to retain the executive and premium look of the brand, holding onto the reassurance the logo provided but to bring it bang up to date and ensure it is on-trend to reflect their strategy to move forward. The continuation for their growth and expansion plans also had to be paramount.

We worked our rebranding brilliance by changing the existing serif typeface to sans which helped to add a modern, clean feel. The change in typeface also provided a great opportunity to develop a unique word mark which provided a distinct point of difference to other legal indemnity companies.

For ISIS the change of colour was a really bold move, the gold had been an inherent part to all their marketing campaigns to date and it spoke volumes for them. However, ask the team at ISIS now and they will tell you the striking purple selected is a perfect match for them. It is a strong, premium colour which adds vibrance and energy to the brand. Purple implies royalty, mystery, spirituality and sophistication, and because purple is the combination of red and blue, it has both warm and cool properties.

The end of last year saw the launch of the new brand image for ISIS. Initial responses proved very positive as the rebranded logo started to make an appearance across their customer base. To see the new logo in all its modernised glory, click the link below to visit the ISIS website:

Did we hear the TOP TIP klaxon again? Yes, yes we did… When rebranding, it is hugely important to take a look at your corporate colour scheme and tonality. For ISIS, the black and gold was close tonally and whilst together they were distinctive and worked to promote a sense of authority and trust, they were too dark and heavy. The change to a vibrant purple added personality whilst retaining the black ensured the brand held onto its heritage and simplicity. It also added scope to the brand graphics and potential marketing collateral going forward.We really like this recent article from Logo Critiques which took a cool look at well-known existing brand logo colours and what they signify.

Ultimately, the key to an effective rebrand comes down to careful consideration and good design. The rebrand needs to reflect the right direction for your company. The change doesn’t necessarily need to be big or bold, it just needs to appeal to your customer base to have a positive impact on your market share.

If you are looking to do a full rebrand, modernise your existing packaging or just freshen up an existing logo, why not ensure your success by dropping us a line…

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