What a waste…but hold on!

Last week I received the most wonderfully extravagant piece of direct mail from Land Rover.

It was as well engineered as their cars and it offered me a test drive in the new Range Rover Evoque, which would be automatically triggered if I pressed the flashing STOP/START button now pulsing away before my eyes.

‘Look at this!’ I called to everyone in the office, ‘this is bonkers, what a waste of money, how can they justify the spend?’ 

The mailer is a complex piece, well put together but appears somewhat insensitive at a time when wasting the worlds diminishing resources is becoming top of the agenda. In Land Rover’s defence, the package can be returned for recycling but I doubt that many will be. Mine is going in the trophy cabinet.

One of the other things that annoyed me was that the mailer had been sent to my old address, which we vacated five years ago. I also already have a current model Evoque which had been in for a service two weeks before where the sales people took the opportunity to introduce me to the new model. So there is an out-of-date database and not a lot of joined up thinking going on.

Despite my whinge and rant, there is a big BUT about this story  – I have already discussed this mailer with many people. This one mailing piece has been seen by at least 20 people already and there will be more.

Seth Godin brilliantly and succinctly says ‘Marketing is a contest for people’s attention’, I think the marketing team achieved their goal, do you?

If you could do with a bit of direct help to grab the attention of your customers, drop us a line.

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