The results are in and we are top of the class with an Amazon A+

With the school holidays in full swing, students are anxiously receiving their results, all hoping for A+ grades. But at the Line we can proudly say that we passed the test. ‘What test?’ we hear you ask. ‘The Amazon A+ test’ we happily shout!

Just in case you weren’t paying attention in class (or to recent e-commerce trends), Amazon A+ pages provide an opportunity to enhance brand visibility, provide product range comparison and most importantly, increase sales. When used correctly, an Amazon A+ page should highlight key selling points and ‘why-to-buy’ messages for your brand and product, all in a user-friendly format, helping your customers to make a purchase decision immediately.

We knew we had ‘passed the test’ when our first venture into the world of Amazon A+ pages was met with great acclaim by our client. Furthermore, Amazon themselves (the headmaster of A+ schooling) have been extolling our submission during their vendor seminars as the prime example of what an A+ page should look like. High praise indeed!

So as the ‘scholars’ behind Amazon’s prime example of A+ pages, we can produce everything your company needs to stand out in their ever expansive shop window. We will provide copy writing, copy editing, layout and design in a format that will meet Amazon’s specifications and all within your budget and deadline.

If you are looking to give your brand the A+ experience on Amazon, just raise your hand (to a keyboard) and drop us a line…

Here are some examples of our live A+ pages…

second nature A+ page

Skinners A+ page

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