Giving back for Christmas

We will be donating to the charity Crisis to pay for 15 people without a home to enjoy a Christmas.

Hot off the press!

The latest Quasar magazine, designed and printed for our client RQA – The Research Quality Association This latest version is the International edition and precedes the 3rd European QA Conference, taking place in Dublin 6th-8th November this year. Packed with the latest articles about Quality Assurance issues, the publication is designed and produced by us […]

What a waste…but hold on!

Last week I received the most wonderfully extravagant piece of direct mail from Land Rover. It was as well engineered as their cars and it offered me a test drive in the new Range Rover Evoque, which would be automatically triggered if I pressed the flashing STOP/START button now pulsing away before my eyes. ‘Look […]

Duff buck syndrome

My very first business adventure was breeding rabbits. I was 15, it was 1968 and there was a market for rabbit meat. I became quite successful and was beginning to make money. I had built or scrounged the hutches and developed my own breeding programme, creating a steady flow of stock to go to market. […]

Does a windowless office close the mind?

I’ve had many different experiences with clients over the years and I thought this one might resonate with a few people. One of my clients recently launched a new product range, they had been running their company for over 25 years and they decided to create some new products using their own designs and different […]

Mobile Optimised Images made for a Hero

Shopping online is commonplace in today’s digital world and using our mobile and tablet devices to do so is the most easily accessible way – it’s faster than The Flash whizzing around a supermarket! However, the antagonist to these proceedings is that a pack design that works well on the supermarket shelves doesn’t necessarily translate […]

Branding fit for a nutritious lifestyle

Sometimes we can’t help but flex our marketing muscle and our latest branding project really had us pumped. Nourish & Energise, a small start-up company based in Norwich, specialise in providing bespoke meal plans and nutritional advice to the local CrossFit community and health conscious people alike, to help them achieve their diet and training […]

Follow the rainbow to logo success

We live in a world dominated by brands and logos. As consumers, we are highly influenced by visual stimuli and as such designing a logo to capture your target audience is one of, if not the most important aspect of creating a successful brand. The use of colour plays a massive part in achieving the […]

Filtering a brand across the world

For many, drinking water is taken for granted, it is easily accessible and there are no worries about deadly contaminants. However, in some parts of the world this just isn’t the case. China, for instance, has a high level of water pollution, making it undrinkable. KLT Filtration, world leaders in ceramic pressure casting technology, tasked […]

The results are in and we are top of the class with an Amazon A+

With the school holidays in full swing, students are anxiously receiving their results, all hoping for A+ grades. But at the Line we can proudly say that we passed the test. ‘What test?’ we hear you ask. ‘The Amazon A+ test’ we happily shout! Just in case you weren’t paying attention in class (or to […]