Hot off the press!

The latest Quasar magazine, designed and printed for our client RQA – The Research Quality Association This latest version is the International edition and precedes the 3rd European QA Conference, taking place in Dublin 6th-8th November this year. Packed with the latest articles about Quality Assurance issues, the publication is designed and produced by us […]

Mobile Optimised Images made for a Hero

Shopping online is commonplace in today’s digital world and using our mobile and tablet devices to do so is the most easily accessible way – it’s faster than The Flash whizzing around a supermarket! However, the antagonist to these proceedings is that a pack design that works well on the supermarket shelves doesn’t necessarily translate […]

The results are in and we are top of the class with an Amazon A+

With the school holidays in full swing, students are anxiously receiving their results, all hoping for A+ grades. But at the Line we can proudly say that we passed the test. ‘What test?’ we hear you ask. ‘The Amazon A+ test’ we happily shout! Just in case you weren’t paying attention in class (or to […]

Definitely NOT run-of-the-mill

We try not to disturb the marketing neighbourhood too much with our boastful barking but we feel our latest branding and packaging project really is the dog’s wotsits. Our client, Kary Gray Feeds, wanted to invest in their own pet food brand to sell in their Nottinghamshire store so without running away with our tail […]

ISIS rebrand

A company rebrand, much like day turning to night, is inevitable for continued growth and success. However, it is not as simple as waking up one day and deciding that a change of colour, adding an additional stroke to a logo or rewording a company ethos will create the desired impact. There are many design […]