The Line Agency design team hard at work in the creative studio

packaging design company

Our comprehensive packaging service, underpinned by our extensive design and artwork production experience, is the lifeblood of our company. We have built a team that fundamentally gets ‘it’, from creating on point design concepts to providing quality artwork files, all to the highest standards. 

packaging service overview

We have the privilege and honour to be the go-to packaging design and artwork agency for a whole host of businesses in many different sectors, from family-run pet shop suppliers to internationally renowned supermarkets, like Lidl UK. 

What makes our packaging service so appealing is that we firmly believe in collaborating with our clients every step of the way. From receiving the initial brief to the end product being on-shelf with that undeniable ‘buy me’ appeal, we work with you to bring your product to life. 

The methodical processes we have in place for both packaging design and production just can’t be matched, we wholeheartedly believe that. Perhaps it sounds arrogant but it really isn’t, especially when we back it up with proven results, time after time.

packaging is our passion

When it comes to packaging, the bottom line for us is the sense of pride we feel when we come across our packaging artworks, be it in-store or online. 

The weekly shop at Lidl sometimes seems as though the whole store is stocked by artworks we created! It truly motivates us and gives a great sense of achievement that spurs us on even more when the next packaging brief comes in. 

We have the team, skills and knowledge in place to make our packaging service highly sought after by potential clients, greatly appreciated by our existing ones and the envy of other packaging design agencies. 

Coldstream filters tube packaging

packaging design

Packaging design is an area of graphics that we consider to be our specialist subject. We’ve been doing it since the late 1980s when we developed and honed our skills, designing packaging for Danepak bacon and an extensive range of canned and ready meal products for the Co-op.

Coldstream Packaging artwork, flat with cutterguide

packaging artwork

When the creative work has been approved and the designs signed off the detailed process of producing the print-ready packaging artwork begins.