Charlie Bigham's

Mobile optimised imagery 

in partnership with Nielsen Brandbank
On shelf packaging
Optimised packaging

The optimisation

As part of our collaboration with Nielsen Brandbank, we have been able to create mobile optimised images for many well-known brands, both here in the UK and beyond.

Our brief for all mobile optimisation is to enhance existing pack design to help consumers when it comes to online purchasing, especially when these items are viewed on devices such as tablets and smartphones.

On-shelf packaging
Optimised packaging
On-shelf packaging
Optimised packaging

One such project we undertook for the brand Charlie Bigham’s involved over 50 products across various pack formats. Ensuring we highlighted the key call-outs whilst still maintaining brand integrity across the entire range played a major part in this process.

The team call on their extensive food packaging knowledge to remove and declutter unnecessary elements and emphasise the key call-outs, whilst always ensuring they maintain the integrity of the brand.

As you can see, the end result provides clarity on many levels. It is instantly easier to view, making clear purchasing decisions so much easier when shopping online on smaller screens. Without a shadow of a doubt, a mobile optimised hero image offers far greater legibility and makes the process of shopping online a whole lot less frustrating for the consumer.

On-shelf packaging
Optimised packaging

If you are looking to utilise our experience that sets the mobile optimised imagery standard drop us a line 01603 766888