Mobile Optimised Imagery on smartphone of Cadbury Mini Rolls

Brandbank - Premier Foods

The brief  Our partnership with Nielsen Brandbank provided us with an extensive mobile optimisation project. Premier Foods enlisted our collaborative services to provide mobile optimised images for all their brands, including Cadbury, Mr Kipling, Batchelors, Homepride and many more. The main challenge was the tight deadlines, as they needed over 600 SKUs optimised in only a few months.  

The solution  Our dedicated mobile optimisation team went straight to work, firstly planning which SKUs could be grouped together for maximum efficiency and then optimising each one with a clear direction as to what elements should be enhanced. The turnaround time was tight but we met each and every deadline, as we always do.    

Homepride Curry Cooking Sauce Original
Homepride Curry Cooking Sauce Mobile Optimised image