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Over the past two years we’ve been taking a different approach to the whole website design and build process and so far, its working well.

We no longer employ in-house developers or programmers because if we did, it would mean that we could only provide solutions dictated by their programming knowledge or capability.

Our solution is to design the look, feel and functionality of your website and then maintain relationships with a number of very talented developers and assign projects to them according to their skill set.

Why don’t I just go straight to the developer? I hear you ask. The answer is that we manage the whole project including site design including user experience, build, SEO, copywriting, imagery and testing.

getting your website seen

A surprisingly large number of website developers don’t offer SEO on the websites that they build; they rely on the client to do it. Not only are those websites losing out on search opportunities, but in many instances they are actually being penalised by Google for not displaying correct metadata.

We carry out keyword research and ensure that the site is optimised for the agreed search terms to get the most traffic heading in your direction. We’ll also make sure that other SEO requirements are met to get your site off to a great start.

Google looks at hundreds of elements on your site before its algorithm decides where to rank it and on-site SEO metadata tells Google and search engines what the purpose of each page is. Google changes its algorithm on a daily basis so to ensure that your site remains compliant, we can offer a monthly SEO package so your site performance will stay ahead of the crowd.

We recently designed a website for Hatcher Components. Hatcher has two sides to its business, so we designed a split home page where the visitor has to decide which side to visit before they do anything. Web visitor numbers are increasing on a monthly basis and the client is very happy with their site.


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Another of our more recent site builds was for Amarantine who manufacture high-end outdoor furniture in distinctive and bespoke designs. The site incorporates e-commerce functionality, while still being a great looking site and they have had increased traffic since their launch.

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