point of sale (pos) design

Point of sale (POS) displays need to have that immediate, attention-grabbing, ‘buy me now’ enticing look about them and our designs definitely offer up that appeal.

boosting sales in retail sector

Recently, we have been creating free-standing display units for Su-Bridge for their Extra Select wild bird food range that can be seen in the Co-op and other convenience stores. These have proven to be a soaring success in-store and offer a real visual treat.

Another recent brief was to design a free-standing display and POS unit for Coldstream water filters for the Chinese retail market. The market in China is very different from anything else we have previously worked on. Their retail sector is busy and crowded, but we still had to understand and respect the Chinese way of doing things. We had learned from previous experience that what works here in the UK and the rest of Europe is not necessarily a recipe for success in the far East. Once the design of the units has been approved, they will then be built in China to our specification.

standing the test of time

The first POS work we ever produced was for Danepak, designing shelf edges and chill cabinet dividers for the bacon category. This was over 25 years ago and we were amazed to discover one still in use in a chill cabinet a couple of years ago in a convenience store, that’s quite a lifespan for any POS!

Another POS device that has stood the test of time was one we produced for Sealskinz. The challenge was to create a unit for their breathable waterproof socks that would display a different application depending on which side it is viewed from. The end result was effective and eye catching, working really well in-store. It worked so well in fact that several re-orders were placed and the units are still to be seen in stores several years later.

As well as the standard shelf wobblers and aisle flags, we have also designed and created many different POS display units over the years. These range from complex backlit units for displaying high value household goods for Villaware and Crockpot to multi-product end of gondola displays for our ‘Just a suggestion’ campaign for Tesco.

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