Pel trade advertising photography

Print and online-based marketing campaigns for Preservation Equipment Limited. 

The brief PEL (Preservation Equipment Limited), a long-standing client of ours, provide materials and equipment for the conservation and preservation of archives and works of art. To promote PEL’s new sourcebook, we were briefed to create a marketing campaign that would comprise several media sectors, including print-based literature and online eshots. The main directive was to add a fresh, unexpected and catchy approach to what is often considered a dry subject. 

The solution Our creatives researched, conceptualised and designed a series of adverts based on strong wordplay and visual depictions. The common denominator being that each concept linked to a product that could be purchased in the sourcebook, meaning the strong visuals would resonate with the reader when it came to making a purchase of equipment.

As the campaign is heavily reliant on the photography aspect, we worked in partnership with Mike Harrington Photography to create the main imagery. With Mike’s keen eye for detail and our creative direction, we collaborated perfectly to really enhance the overall campaign with some strong photography.  

 Every advert published has been well received, consumer response has been very positive with many comments focused towards the unique approach, which adds a sense of fun and instantly grabs the attention of the reader.  

 PEL were delighted with the results from start to finish, meaning another brief was met on time, in budget and on point to the client’s requirements and their target audience.

Scamps of Pel Advertising campaign. Cartoon about vinyl records
Pel Beetles to Beatles advert in magazine, trade advertising featuring photography of a beetle and a beatles record
Pel Rags to Riches advert in magazine, trade advertising featuring photography of a uniform and coins
Pel From Thyme to Time advert in magazine, trade advertising featuring photography of pressed flower Thyme and a pocket watch
Pocket watch and thyme herb