packaging design

Packaging design is an area of graphics that we consider to be our specialist subject. We’ve been doing it since the late 1980s when we developed and honed our skills, designing packaging for Danepak bacon and an extensive range of canned and ready meal products for the Co-op.

Food packaging is not the only sector we have expertise in. We have also applied our packaging design skills to pet food, waterproof clothing, paintbrushes, water filters, electrical household goods, jewellery and more.

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in-store packaging

Since 2004 we have been very fortunate to have been working with Lidl UK on their packaging design and production. Today we are very proud to be on their design roster and involved in their continued growth and success here in the UK. To maintain a relationship for so long with a client such as Lidl is not only down to our design skills, but it is also because of the quality of service we provide from the initial design stage through to the final approved artwork.

For us, producing creative packaging design is just part of the process. Getting the approved designs print ready and out on time and fit for purpose is the key to providing a first class service and it’s an area of skill and expertise that we excel in. We have developed and fine-tuned our processes to the point where we are confident that any discrepancy or minor detail error will be picked up and corrected every time.

We believe that to design for print, you must first fully understand how everything works. Sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it? We provide any newcomers to our agency an intensive crash course in printing methods and techniques. This is something we take very seriously because we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that our packaging designs are not only creative, but also fit for purpose.

online packaging design​

Physical packaging design isn’t the only area we specialise in. We are also working with Nielsen Brandbank to provide a ground-breaking digital optimisation service to their clients. This has proven to be in great demand as the move to online shopping using mobile devices increases.

Together, we have developed a packaging design optimisation service aimed at reducing the clutter and noise on packaging without destroying the integrity of the brand or design. This is already producing some very interesting results!