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The design of a logo, a stationery range or a brochure can be a very subjective business. We believe that if there is sound logic and reasoning behind our designs, then the communication to our client and their audience will be clear.

setting a precedent

A good illustration of this and the way we approach design is a new logo we created for a company called Wensum Law Costs. The design solution it is a great example of how we approach a brief.

Wensum Law Costs is a company that goes through the transcripts from a court case and allocates costs when they are in dispute and they approached us to create a new logo for them.

The brief was to make the company look safe, secure, trustworthy and credible in the sector where they provide their services, namely the law courts.

Open Book Image
Wensum Law Costs Image

inspired design

The Wensum is the main river running through the centre of Norwich and initial concepts were developed around images to do with rivers and bridges, but it could have been anywhere and it definitely wasn’t right for the client or their target audience. Our creative team decided to take a camera and go for a walk along the river, to see what they could see.

When they came back with the pictures, the solution revealed itself. One of the bridges crossing the Wensum (St George’s) is a unique structure and has ornate panels on either side at each end. The detail on the panels inspired the design for the new logo.

The presentation to the client was a joy, the logic was clear to see and made perfect sense, the solution coming from a part of Norwich’s ancient heritage. How could they not love it and be proud of it?  

St George’s Bridge Norwich
St George’s Bridge Norwich
Wensum Law Costs Branding Logo
The Line Agency design advertising


Our advertising folio has now accumulated into something we are very proud of, covering all media types including press, direct mail, posters, transport, radio, TV, digital and social media.

English Country Cottages Brochure regional section spread


Brochure design and production is part of everyday life for most design agencies and we don’t claim to be an exception. So what’s so interesting about the work we have done?

The Line Agency Magazine design


No matter the content subject, size of publication or readership audience, we make sure that our magazine designs are a visual treat for our clients and their customers. A fine example of our magazine design is the ongoing publication we create for the Research Quality Association (RQA). 

The Line Agency Point of Sale Design

point of sale

Point of Sale (POS) displays need to have that immediate, attention-grabbing, ‘buy me now’ enticing look about them and our designs definitely offer up that appeal. 

The Line Agency Exhibition design


We are often asked by many of our clients to work on their exhibition stand designs too. We are not stand builders or structural designers, we feel that’s best left to the experts. What we do take care of is the graphics, the communication or messaging and the overall design and layout.

Amarantine Website on laptop and mobile screen


Over the past two years we've been taking a different approach to the whole website design and build process and so far, its working well.