Image of Coldstream Walter Filter Packaging tubes at an angle close up on the branding surrounded by water droplets and splash


The brief Having initially developed the Coldstream brand, we were briefed by KLT Filtration to redesign the existing product packaging of their water purifier housing units and filters. 

The solution Our extensive creative process involved exploring many different colour ways, icons and imagery and in collaboration with Coldstream's Chinese account managers, we were able to create a design that resonated with the Chinese consumer market.

Coldstream Logo Brand with Made in the United Kingdom and union jack flag added
Clean clinical image of a Coldstream Water Filter Countertop Unit, filtered water
Photograph of Coldstream ceramic water filters lined up on the production line
three of the Coldstream Water Filters and Purifiers Range Packaging tubes standing in a computer generated water splash, 3D packaging visual
Coldstream Water Filters and Purifiers Undercounter Range Pack Shots
Coldstream Water Filters and Purifiers Countertop Range Pack Shots
Coldstream Packaging Icons from Coldstream Water Filters and Purifiers Packaging, Vector Icon Design