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Our advertising folio has now accumulated into something we are very proud of, covering all media types including press, direct mail, posters, transport, radio, TV, digital and social media.

We create trade press campaigns for Preservation Equipment, a company that supplies specialist products to conservators, museums and art galleries worldwide. The adverts we create set the tone and style for all the following campaigns and have helped position the company as leaders in their field.

olympic performance

One of the most comprehensive advertising campaigns we created and produced was for Atout France in 2012, the year of the London Olympics. We had produced smaller regional ad campaigns for Atout France in 2011 and the client approached us later in the year with an interesting, but rather flawed idea.

They had carried out some research and discovered that during the two previous Olympics, in Athens and Bejing, twenty percent of the inhabitants of the cities chose to move out or go on holiday for the duration of the games.

Our client thought, as this would likely happen in London too, that a campaign showing well-known French athletes from different regions would encourage people to go to France to enjoy sport. We tactfully pointed out the possible reasons why this might not work, but it got us thinking. Could we create a campaign for some of the 16 regions, tenuously using the Olympics as a theme?

We worked at the time with a great creative guy Kim Woodrow and it is only right that he is given credit for the ideas that got the campaign approved to begin with. His first ideas showed a field of lavender with tracks through it with the headline ‘Track and field in Provence’, another one showed a man trying to catch a big fish with ‘Wrestling in Alsace’.

repeat, but more and faster

We initially presented six concepts and suggested that all the regions might buy into it, which Atout France agreed with and then challenged us to produce a concept for each of the 16 regions in three days. We managed to develop a further ten concepts on the same theme and nearly all the regions bought in to the idea. The campaign launched early summer 2012 with posters, escalator cards and tube cards on the underground across London, press ads also ran in the Telegraph travel supplement supported by a new, dedicated website.

Before the launch though we had the kind of issues that you can never prepare for. There were two big challenges with delivering the creative. Firstly the French it seems, are under the impression that the English only like advertisements if they are humorous, so we were constantly asked if our concept was ‘funny’. Secondly, they made no connection between the headline and the picture, so having signed off a concept we would then receive a note asking us to use a completely different picture, which had nothing at all to do with the headline.

We got there in the end though and even proposed a similar campaign for the following year.

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